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How much do you know about osteoarthritis and arthritis?

How much do you know about osteoarthritis and arthritis?

Manty people may think that osteoarthritis and arthritis are same. But, actually, they have many differences. In this article, we are going to talk about these diseases. Click here for shoulder dislocation treatment.

 Is the origin of osteoarthritis and arthritis also different?

Yes. In osteoarthritis it is multifactorial: from genetics, which predisposes to cartilage deterioration – for example, hand osteoarthritis is more frequent in women with a family history -to other risk factors such as obesity, professions with joint overload , excessive or inappropriate physical exercise, previous injuries and the progressive aging of the population also have their influence. Visit this site for shoulder dislocation treatment.

As for arthritis, there are more than 100 different rheumatic diseases that cause joint inflammation and are included in the concept of “arthritis”:

In microcrystalline arthritis (gout and chondrocalcinosis) inflammation occurs due to the presence of microscopic crystals inside the joints.

The septic arthritis (joint infection) constitute a medical emergency because they produce joint destruction and if the infection spreads can endanger the patient’s life.

Are there alarm symptoms that can alert you to their appearance?

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis

  • joint pain with movement,
  • stiffness that improves with exercise and lasts less than 30 minutes,
  • progressive decrease in mobility
  • clicks in the joints.

Patients may have deformities on the hands – Heberden and Bouchard nodules – or on the knees.

Arthritis symptoms

The arthritis is manifested by inflammation of one or more joints, which is accompanied by morning stiffness prolonged, continuous pain day – both nocturno- and loss of mobility, ability to perform activities of daily living and quality lifetime.

The Rheumatoid arthritis usually begins as a symmetrical polyarthritis, affects multiple joints of the extremities, especially the hands, feet and knees and cervical spine. It can also damage other organs such as the lung or the heart.

Conversion of bitcoins into fiat currency

Conversion of bitcoins into fiat currency


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Cryptocurrency is the digital wallet

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Volatile bitcoins

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