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All about Increasing Instagram Engagements

All about Increasing Instagram Engagements

Marketers and online entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways they can interact with their audience. Instagram is a platform that has 1.4 million monthly active users. This is according to Statista. This means that the platform offers a serious advantage when it comes to developing the brand. However, an Instagram user needs more than just an account and a target audience. At times, sites like goread are needed to make the most of the Instagram platform.

Why does Instagram engagement matter?

When you say engagement, this does not refer only to the number of followers. It includes how your followers interact with your posts. The metrics for engagement include shares, comments, saves, likes, stories views, direct messages, and others. High engagement on the site means that the content you share on IG resonates with your target audience. The Instagram algorithm also takes into account the level of engagement when deciding what content to provide to users.

How to increase engagement on Instagram

Because of Instagram’s popularity, a lot of digital marketers prioritize the platform. There are several ways to enhance engagement on the platform. Sites like Goread can help you increase your Instagram engagements.


Know your target audience

The first step to ensuring that your audience is engaged is to identify them. When you don’t know what catches their fancy or intrigues them, then you don’t know what content to create that will engage them. What you need to do is to create your buyer personas for you to know your ideal customer. Check the Instagram audience insights. This will give you information on the demographics of your actual audience. Also, check the profiles of your competitors.

Create strong captions with call-to-action phrases

There are three things that a strong caption can offer. It may add context to the shared photo. It may also help develop the brand personality and encourage the audience to take action. The last one is highly significant. After you write an interesting caption with emojis and hashtags, it’s time to ask the audience to take action. An example of this is “Click here for the bio link.”

Make interesting Instagram Reels and Stories

Everyone loves Instagram Reels especially when they are interesting. These short-form videos can enhance the brand’s visibility and level of engagement. Content ideas for Instagram Reels vary. Examples of these are customer experiences, behind-the-scene peeks, engaging how-to videos, and before-and-after videos. You may also use Instagram Stories templates available on the site.