Everything you need to know about Accurate Automotive Sales & Service

Everything you need to know about Accurate Automotive Sales & Service

Accurate Auto Repair and its engineers have years of experience in the automotive industry and the understanding, training, and diploma to work on all makes and models. Accurate Auto Repair prioritises problem solving over speculating and substituting extra material in the vehicle. They have been providing automotive repair, new tire, and new wheel services to residents of Pawtucket, Cumberland, Attleboro, RI, Providence, and surrounding areas for the past 21 years. Accurate Auto Center Inc. is an automobiles repair, tyre, and wheel centre located at 939 Newport Ave Pawtucket, RI 02861. They’ve spent about the last 21 years supplying happy customers along with car repairs, tyres, and rims. You can reach out to them in person or schedule an appointment available on the internet from the home. They are the best providers of used cars in pawtucket ri. They offer brokerage support and maintenance at a significantly lower cost. They are aware that they are specialists in all aspects of electrical diagnosis and repair.

Services they have to offer

Airconditioning services, directions, brakes, generator diagnostics, manufacturer particular oil filters, interrupted repairs and improvements, security patches, re vacancies, and reconfiguring computer modules, as well as engine and transmission expulsion and rebuilding are all available at Accurate Auto Repair. Accurate Auto Repair could handle it all.

used cars in pawtucket ri

 They have been in business for over more than twenty-five years now and have been at the current location since March 2012. They hope to continue expanding and serving in more areas near you! “Excellence in Automotive Care” is their company’s motto. Customers have lost all faith throughout the automotive sector since they genuinely think they have been exploited by other shops. Accurate Auto Repair has always been there to restore the lost loyalty, reliability, and integrity in having established a trusting and a long-lasting relationship with customers. Clients can leave their automobiles at the shop and be confident that they’ll be serviced regularly and maintained.

 The potential to diagnose problems for our customers in the best and cost-effective way possible. Many of the region’s collision repair shops rely on them for modern diagnostic connections. They take it to Accurate Auto Repair. They also serve a diverse range of fleet clients, ensuring that their automobiles are in proper working order and therefore do not spend far too much time with in the shop. Being truthful and assertive in service and repair, offering customers the much more cost-effective solutions to problems, and making sure their vehicle is absolutely roadworthy.

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