How water flossing works?

How water flossing works?

Water flossing is also known as water picking which is invented to floss differently from traditional methods. The flossing uses a special machine that forces the water stream into mouth and gum line. Before the invention of water flossing, plaques were removed with scrapping technology. With the involvement of water flossing, plaque removal has become easier. The pressure water massages the gum line and removes bacteria and foods from the gum and teeth space. Water flossing is easy to use by normal people. It does not have any technical or critical works. This can be used by people with braces and other types of dental issues like permanent or temporary bridges. The water massage helps in increasing the gum health and reach places which cannot be reached with tradition floss method.

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Steps to make water floss

When you start to use water floss, it is important to read all the instructions and be sure to understand everything. The water flossers are the device that works differently depending upon the brand and manufacturing but mostly all the device has the common steps included within it. Here is the steps that help someone to water pick with the help of flosser.

  • Place the reservoir in a steady place and fill it with warm water. Get access to the holder and place the tip into it.
  • Plug in the water floss.
  • Once you start you use water floss, it is recommended to use with low pressure and then gradually move on with higher adjustment. If needed adjust the pressure and start using the device.
  • Lean over the sink and get the tip into the mouth.
  • Close your mouth to stop spraying water outside. Make sure to keep the lips closed and turn the unit on.
  • Start with the back teeth by aiming above the gum line and start proceeding further through the other teeth.
  • Stop between each tooth line to clean the area with water floss and reach out to the sink.
  • Once you complete the work, turn off the device and remove the tip after cleaning.

These are the common instruction used by most of the device and few steps may vary. Also from the debate of comparison between floss, water pick is the right and compatible technique followed without flaws. This is the possible and pain free technique to clean between teeth and easier teeth whitening method.

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