Methods for finding a part-time job

Methods for finding a part-time job

Returning to work after maternity or reconciliation of work and studies often requires part-time professional activities. Unfortunately, most job offers are dedicated to people who are ready to work 40 hours a week. So how do you find a part-time job? How to start looking retail crew part time jobs singapore for it to reconcile work and educational or family responsibilities? There are several strategies for this.

Consider which industries and areas you are working part-time or flexibly.

There are several such industries – e.g., sales, in which the employee’s salary depends on his results or work in shifts, customer service in which you can work part-time or occasional work through a temporary employment agency. If you’re looking for a part-time job retail crew part time jobs singapore, get used to the thought that you may need to retrain.

Search through contacts and acquaintances.

Most part-time job offers are not widely available – it is not profitable for a company to make an ad to a recruitment service if it is looking for a 1/3 full-time employee or part of a shift. Firstly because it is expensive, and secondly because the majority of candidates will not read that it is part-time work and it will have to be explained to each of them separately, after which the majority will give up anyway. As a result, most companies, looking for a part-time employee, decide to look around the local market – ask employees whether they don’t know someone interested, make an advertisement on their own pages, ask for help from friendly recruiters or publish information on social networking sites such as Facebook. As a result, the more people you know and the more of them know you are looking for a part-time job.

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