Reasons for playing computer games

Reasons for playing computer games

Playing computer games is generally regarded as an unnecessary, non-productive waste of time. However, in this text, I will try to show that this claim is incorrect. Here are some reasons overwatch boost why playing games is not a waste of time. I’m able to say that for these reasons they are good for business.

Players age more slowly – it’s not a joke

We have long known that ensuring that our brains do not get stuck is extremely important. Some bet on popular charades, and the most progressive – on logical and platform video games  A few years ago, a study was undertaken in which 33 people aged 55 to 75 took part. They were divided into several groups overwatch boost that were supposed to devote at least 30 minutes to a video game (Super Mario 64) for five days a week, downloading piano lessons. A lot of positive changes were observed among the group of players. Their short-term memory improved, and the volume of gray matter increased.

 Video games are not just sitting on the couch; there is also plenty of room for movement. And the movement is health

I hope that the stereotype of a player who would be a man with overweight and greasy hair has already become a thing of the past. In the 21st century, almost everyone is a player. Because video games are not only RPGs for several hundred hours for the biggest hardcore players. Let’s not forget about the rapidly growing mobile market, which turned out to be very attractive for the so-called casual players, willing to pay considerable sums there. In addition, however, the market is not short of titles that motivate you to get up from a comfortable chair and go to battle. It started rhythmic games years ago (I remember the times of the Dance Revolution boom when friends thrown into the subject could lose even 2 kilos during the weekend!), But the wave of fascination with motor controllers that quickly opened the gate to a new world came quickly.

Simple entertainment that allows you to de-stress

It’s worth remembering that video games are not just entertainment for children – none of these things. Players are people of all ages, many of them perform professions in which they are under high stress almost all the time. Research has been conducted for many years about how this entertainment industry actually affects people. And it turns out that they significantly reduce stress, and for many, they also turn out to be a stimulus that allows them to improve their mood and put them in a good mood.

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