What Entails a Pest Control Treatment?

What Entails a Pest Control Treatment?

In general, pests can be anything that humans regard as undesirable or unpleasant – it can be in the form of insects (like termites, silver fishes, cockroaches, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes) or feral animals (like rats, mice, and possum).

These pests can actually cause properties and humans harm. With this, pest control comes into the picture. As a homeowner, you have to ensure that your home is free from pests as part of its upkeep and safety.

It is time that you know what entails a Calgary Pest Control treatment. It can include one or all of the following:

Pesticides and poisons

For controlling many types of pests, poisoned baits are a common method. Spraying pesticides by hand is another method that deals with wasps and bees infestation.

Space fumigation

This involves covering or sealing the structure airtight followed by the introduction of deadly gas. Space fumigation is expensive but it is effective at targeting all life stages of pests.

Space treatment

Space treatment involves misting and fogging. It utilises liquid insecticide, which is dispersed in the atmosphere. This is considered a long-term project especially if the pest problem is severe.

Natural pest control

Natural pest control is a method that does not use any poisons or chemicals in the elimination of pests. Natural pest control includes planting flowers and usage of nontoxic household products to deter spiders, flies, and ants.

Biological pest control

Biological pest control can be a bit tricky but this approach is all about “letting nature takes its course”. Biological pest control is the management of natural predators and parasites.

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Electronic pest control

Electronic pest control refers to a treatment that includes devices. These devices are electrically powered to repel or get rid of pests like insects and rodents.

Elimination of breeding grounds

If you do not want to kill the pests outright, there is one solution for you – encourage pests to move somewhere by eliminating their breeding grounds. This simply means that this method seeks to prevent the reproduction of pests.

An example of this approach is preventing the mosquitoes from breeding. Most of the efforts are concentrated in proper waste management as well as proper drainage of still water.

Setting Traps

Setting traps is the traditional control method for rats and mouse. There are different types of traps from snap traps to catch traps and glue traps.

Final words

Before the work commences, it is important that you understand the treatments that are covered or included in the price. You should also call beforehand to know if you need to vacate the whole house when treatment is conducted.

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