What is The Best Greenhouse Temperature?

What is The Best Greenhouse Temperature?

During summer months, too much of heat will be the common problems for the greenhouse growers. However, depending on the type of plants that you are growing, and knowing how much hot it needs to be is not a simple task.

Suppose you’re growing the sun-loving crops like melons and tomatoes temperature of the greenhouse needs to be warmer. Your greenhouse temperature must support your crops or plant’s complete growth.  You will know you have got the optimal temperature just by observing your plants appearance.

Suppose you have crops like tomatoes, they will show some unhealthy signs by getting bruised skin & brown leaves. In these cases, you need to discard them as they aren’t fit to get sold in the market. Make sure you maintain your greenhouse in best conditions & you will benefit from having the healthy plants no matter what season. So, here are some tools that will help to keep the greenhouse at an ideal temperature.


First thing a greenhouse grower requires is the minimum or maximum thermometer so that they know it’s inside temperature. These are valuable to the growers making use of cold frames, hoop houses, or starting seeds in a basement.


When temperature appears very mild and air is still, then diseases will spread through the greenhouse. Moving air with fans offers good disease control. Also, it will move cool air in the hot greenhouse during a day.

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That depends on the climate; the cold days will get mixed up with the mild or warm days. The closed greenhouse in such conditions will bake a few plants like an oven.  But, the ideal temperature differs from one plant to another. It’s important you understand the right temperature for the plants because the greenhouse that is very hot can damage your crops and plants.

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